Welcome to Elysian Cuisine.

Welcome! I’m Elyse. I am a twenty-….something living in Boston with my fiance, Ian (get it, Elysian?). We live in a 500 square foot apartment with a small, but not unmanageable kitchen.

The intention of this blog is to feature the daily adventures that take place there. Unfortunately, there is only room for one person (we strictly enforce this rule to remain sane) in our galley style kitchen, so Ian will remain a taste-tester (and self proclaimed food critic).

Need some more info?

  • Elyse began cooking in 2009.  Could barely boil water.
  • You will not find any Chicken Parmesan, Beef Burgers, or Pork Chops in my list of recipes, and I promise, with these flavors, you won’t miss them.  I do promise that you will still get enough protein!
  •  I love grocery stores.  They are like theme-parks to me.
  • Kitchen work-space is very limited!
  • Engaged to Ian. A self-proclaimed food critic who always has an opinion.
  • I love sweets.
  • I love to learn more about nutrition and am on a journey to becoming a nutritional therapist 🙂
  • I have a BFA and a MM in Voice Performance and Opera.
  • My sweet kitty’s name is Carmen, and she wishes we’d eat meat and dairy so she could swipe it.
  • My best friend is Gaby, and she is also a rock-star in the kitchen.  She inspires me when I have no idea what to do for dinner.

FullSizeRender (1)*May 2014 — my first batch of homemade almond milk (with Gaby)


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